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Why Choose PCC Dance Studio

Ten successful years of providing exceptional dance instruction and experiences for over 200+ dancers. PCC Dance Studio's philosophy is to meet dancers at their age and level of experience. We call it the perfect balance of structure and fun. Our mission is to provide professional dance instruction and instill an appreciation for the art of dance in a safe, high-quality studio environment. Multiple studios-classes running simultaneously to ensure we meet the needs of family's busy schedules. Workshops, dance camps, and introduction to dance sessions offered throughout the year.

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About PCC Dance Studio

We believe every child should have the opportunity to express themselves through dance, learn to work with others, develop a positive self-image and find self-confidence. Along with improving coordination skills, agility, strength, and developing muscular awareness. PCC Dance Studio is for ages 2+. At our studio, we strive to make sure dance instruction is educational and fun using various props, themed dances, and center activities. Dancers ages 2-7 are taught using the Twinkle Star Teaching method. Which is designed to meet dancers at their age and stage while developing their skill set. The essential base they will continue to fine-tune throughout their years in dance. Fun center activities and the use of props keep children engaged and excited to return to class!


  • Dance classes for ages 2-Adult

  • Intermediate, advanced, and competitive level classes

  • All inclusive-adaptative dance classes for ages 5- Adult

  • PCC Childcare families: Staff will take your child to dance if the class is during childcare hours.

  • PCC Childcare families at PCC receive $5.00 off their monthly tuition

  • If you take multiple classes, you automatically receive $5.00 off monthly tuition

Follow Us: On FB and IG @ pccdancestudio

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Classes Offered:

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